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Itrim will customize a meal plan progression that is safe and sustainable. An initial rapid weight loss helps you increase motivation, break bad habits, and start new good habits using our meal replacements followed by a "Fresh is Best" portion control method for long term weight control. Our exercise programs include circuit training and increased "everyday exercise" and activities you enjoy. To bring this all to life, we coach you through obstacles, break unwanted behavior patterns, and continually motivate this new lifestyle. 


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Many diet plans present claims and success stories that are short-lived, at best. Since the very beginning, Itrim has been different. Our program is driven by actual results, proven scientific evidence, and both member and professional feedback. We’ve tracked our members’ weight loss results, exercise frequency and other relevant variables since our inception in 2003. We continually use this data to refine our program to benefit our members.

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 We build an actively engaged and committed community of Itrim clients in your organization, and their success quickly goes viral, converting afternoon snacks into midday walking clubs.  Our proven curriculum has helped over 80,000 people successfully lose weight and live a lighter, healthier life, and we can do the same for your employees. 

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  Itrim is offered through companies as a high value employee wellness program, collaboratively in partnership with physicians and hospitals, in health clubs and also in private centers. To learn more about setting up the Itrim program or to find the Itrim program nearest you, click below.

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To bring Itrim to your organization or wellness center, or to arrange a free health coaching session with an Itrim Health Coach, please contact us 415-717-4741 or email us at info@itrim.us.


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Itrim meal replacements are a carefully balanced content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These meal replacements are to be used if a full health assessment with an Itrim certified health coach has been completed, and there are no contraindications for use. Be sure to select your location at checkout.

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please call 415–717–4741 or email: info@itrim.us 

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