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At Itrim we teach you how to make food a part of your life instead of the focal point. Learning to eat right, manage cravings and maintain everyday exercise are all key components of the Itrim program. With the help of your personal health coach, you’ll find that making these behavior changes are easier than you think. 

Our Palm Portion eating method is based on the simple fact that the size of your fist and palm is strongly linked to your height and your muscle mass and hence your corresponding energy demand. Your ideal protein portions are the size and thickness of your hand (without fingers). Your carbohydrates including fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are the amount of 3 of your fists.  You will eat four meals evenly throughout the day: breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner in 3-4 hour intervals. And furthermore, you will drink 1-1.5 liters of water per day. 

The program works in phases, and usually begins with Itrim meal replacements to safely reduce your overall calorie intake, and prepare you for long term healthy eating.  Your health coach will guide you through a safe progression. 

Itrim Weight Loss Options


This is the most effective choice if you have more than 20 lbs to lose. You will eat five meal replacements per day for 3-12 weeks and transition into the Varied Meal Plan. 


This choice is for those who would like to lose less than 20 lbs. This option is great if you need to lose a lot of weight during a short period of time, or you don't want to give up food entirely. You will eat two regular meals and three meal replacements per day.

Palm Portion Diet

This choice is for those who would like to lose 15 lbs or less. This plan includes lean proteins and the less energy dense carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables.  Meals are eaten three times per day, plus one snack. 


This long term eating plan is designed to help you sustain a well-balanced diet.  Palm Portion Balance includes lean proteins, less energy dense carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables, and more energy-dense carbohydrate sources found in whole grains.  Complete meals are eaten three times per day, plus one well balanced snack.  When good choices are combined with proper portion sizes, you will achieve optimal levels of required vitamins and minerals, and you'll have energy and vitality throughout the day. 

 Itrim Products 

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Itrim meal replacements are a carefully balanced content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These meal replacements are to be used if a full health assessment with an Itrim certified health coach has been completed, and there are no contraindications for use.  Be sure you choose your location at check-out.  

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