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Itrim pumps up lifestyle changes

Fitness, weight-loss center imported from Sweden
–San Francisco Business Times, September 20, 2012

Jill Kinney is betting that a Swedish model for health and weight loss can help Americans battle obesity. The life-long fitness fanatic, who founded and owns the Club One fitness chain, opened up an Itrim fitness facility in Lafayette in August, and it grew to 100 members in a matter of weeks, evidence of the hunger for new weight-loss models.

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The New Diets
Walnut Creek Magazine, January, 2013

Since having three kids and the onset of menopause, once trim Sharneth Del Sesto saw the pounds creep onto her 5-foot frame. Not only did she feel demoralized by moving up clothing sizes, she knew her physical health was suffering. “My joints were hurting, my balance was different,” she says. “When I started gaining weight, it took a big toll on my health.”

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More evidence commercial weight loss plans can work
Reuters Health, October 5 2012

People who take part in a commercial weight-loss program may indeed shed some pounds – especially if they substantially cut calories, a new study from Sweden finds.
Worldwide, around 1.5 billion adults are overweight and another half billion are obese. In the U.S., two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. That’s a huge market for commercial weight-loss programs, but few studies have looked at whether they really work.

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Risk of symptomatic gallstones and cholecystectomy after a very-low-calorie diet or low-calorie diet in a commercial weight loss program: 1-year matched cohort study

International Journal of Obesity, June 18 2013

Background: Concern exists regarding gallstones as an adverse event of very-low-calorie diets (VLCDs; <800 kcal per day).

Objective: To assess the risk of symptomatic gallstones requiring hospital care and/or cholecystectomy in a commercial weight loss program using VLCD or low-calorie diet (LCD).

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